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All is well on this day, with this moment, in this place. Do what you do and experience what you experience.

Let go of the need to place a judgment on how things are. Choose instead to feel immensely and sincerely thankful for all that is, whatever it may be.

Peacefully accept the entirety of this moment and you’ll gain access to the fullness of its value. Choose to make full use of the unique opportunity that now presents itself to you.

Simply allow yourself to easily and peacefully do what you have chosen to do. Let your thoughts and actions be a source of inspiration and positive focus.

See the troubles, frustrations and disappointments as the opportunities they are. Know that you are fully capable of finding the goodness and value in every situation.

Feel the limitless power of your own awareness and the priceless miracle of your own being. Be at peace with it all and let life’s goodness flow.

— Ralph Marston

In order to feel your immense power, you must feel. Just go ahead and allow your authentic, living feelings to be, and move your life powerfully forward. The way you feel connects you to the truth of who you are. Accept and acknowledge those feelings, and that truth becomes increasingly […]

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The reward is rewarding because you have earned it. It is the work that goes into the planting and cultivation that makes the harvest worth celebrating. Your effort is what makes your opportunities come to life. Fulfillment has meaning precisely because of the work it demands. Practice and commitment are […]

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