Make full use

When you can only do a little, do it. Soon you’ll have the chance to do a little more, and a little more again, until the job is done.
When you only have a moment or two, make full use of whatever time you have. Even when you can’t get all of it done, you can get some of it done.
Forget about the time you don’t have, and use the time you do have. Instead of worrying about how you’ll do it all, focus on doing what you can right now.
Achievement requires many steps. So take another one each time you can.
Don’t waste your time complaining when the interruptions knock you off track. Just get yourself beyond them and get quickly back to work.
Do what you can, when you can, as often as you can. Your persistent, consistent efforts will surely and steadily take you where you choose to go.

— Ralph Marston